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More About My Salvage Yard in Grand Rapids, MI

I rebuy junk cars, and this is what I primarily do. Here at Extract & Salvage, I see to it that you get the best deal there is. With my yard located in Grand Rapids, MI, you won’t run into a lot of trouble with what you need to be done to your car, making sure you’re getting excellent value as I give you great offers.

My Junk Cars History & Experience

Junk Car Buyers

Junk Car Buyers

I’ve been buying junk cars at my current salvage yard location for over a year now, but I have been in this industry for a long time. The process itself is not complicated, but it’s also not as simple as one might think. It requires a keen eye for the job, and I have always had it.

If you are having doubts about trusting me with repurchasing, know that I have all the necessary certifications to practice my trade here at my salvage yard. You are guaranteed fully-bonded and accredited services. So, rest assured that you can entrust your car to me.

Because I am a service provider looking to form great relationships with my customers, it’s easily the best idea to take your vehicle to my yard. I ensure the perfect junk and scrapping services, rebuying your car at rates that we can surely agree on.

Extract & Salvage is easily your best choice. I scrap and rebuy junk cars to give you the deal that’s right for the value you need whenever you take your old car to my yard located in Grand Rapids, MI. Call me today at (616) 209-9994.

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  • Car Rebuying Services
  • Car Junking Services
  • Car Salvaging Services
  • Flat Bed Services
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