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Rebuy Junk Cars in Grand Rapids, MI

There are plenty of things to do with your old car, be it a vehicle that’s a few years old or a model from the ‘70s, and you’ll need the assistance of a junk car buying expert to help you. Extract & Salvage offers you the choice of salvaging, scrapping, or selling your car with the best value there is. As your junking expert based in Grand Rapids, MI, I make sure that you will have your needs fulfilled.

My Junk Services Are an Excellent Choice

Rebuy Junk Cars

Whether you have an old car lying around or a used car that you can’t sell at near market value, I offer the right service for you as one of the most reputable junk car buyers in the area. If you need car salvaging, then you’re assured that you will get it right away, getting a fair price in the process. Want to learn more? Visit my Services Page.

No one wants a vehicle of any sort to decay on their property. No matter what value your car once had, if it’s just collecting dust, it may be time to say goodbye. And what’s a better occasion than earning some cash for it? That’s precisely what I’m in business for. I will help you with your junk cars or in junking and salvaging with great value.

You shouldn’t leave that heaping piece of metal on your property, especially when you think you can save some of it. My job is to buy, scrap, or salvage vehicles, to put them to good use, giving you excellent value-for-all rates. With my salvage yard being around, you wouldn’t need to worry about what to do with that old car anymore.

Whether I junk or rebuy junk cars, I always make sure I address my client’s desires. Come by my shop or contact me for a tow if your old vehicle is unable to start.

Extract & Salvage is the best choice for repurchasing, scrapping, and salvaging. If you need one of the best salvage car buyers out there, then visit my yard located in Grand Rapids, MI. Call me now for more information!

Client’s Testimonial

by Leta Herman on Extract & Salvage

I researched junk car buyers because I had an inoperable vehicle! I found this one, and I am happy with his price as well as service. I highly recommend him to all who want to make a buck from their junk vehicles. 

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